The Unikorn Program

The Problem

We have seen many companies with fantastic products or services that are not visible in the market, as if they are hiding. In the short- and medium-run, that affects their client base, sales, growth and profitability, and in the medium and long-run even their existence in the marketplace! On the contrary, internationally we see companies that combine great product and great visibility: they are the Unicoorns, such as Google, Uber, Apple, Westfield, eMag, Bitdefender, Dedeman, NEPI or CTP.

The Solution

We solved this problem, by creating the Unikorn, a PR system that grows the visibility in the offline and online media of great companies and their products and brands, bringing them in Top 3 of visibility in the 1st year, and to the First position in the 3rd year, tops! Thus, we turn those companies into unicorns! Moreover, the news is that it is Guaranteed! All that very efficiently, both in terms of finances, and other key resources from Client side, such as the time of you and your team.

If you already are a Unikorn, we guarantee we will move you at least 1 position up per year, and when you reach the No. 1 position, to keep you there, no matter what!

Also, Great PR solves Visibility problems of great companies and brands, in the most financially efficient manner. Indeed, we have heard many objections from the opponents of visibility, but we dare to say that they are all groundless.

So, No More Hiding!

How it works?

At Unikorn, we measure and Audit the media visibility of you and your main competitors, then set a Strategic Vision, Objectives, and Directions, then design the Tactical Plan, then Communicate your brand in the media and the market, then we Deliver KPI’s, and then back to the Objectives.

What kind of communications do we do?

Unikorn does all the necessary PR activities, starting from pure Offline and Online Media Relations (Press Releases, Blog Articles, Interviews,  Loyalty programs, Storytelling and Media training), to Events (Press Events, or Corporate, or Consumer, or Conferences and Seminars) …, to Consulting (to define Vision, Strategy, or ad-hoc consulting), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility Programs), Crisis Management, Social Media Management, and Client services (from need analysis to reporting).

The need for Visibility

Multiple studies show a correlation between the Share of Voice of a brand, its Market Share, and its long-time profitability and market life. The visible brands and companies are simply bigger, they have bigger market share, bigger profits, and longer existence, while the Invisible ones tend to have smaller market share, profits and even life-time.

Comparison of Media Visibility on Fast-food market 2010 vs. 2017

Key Benefits

Guaranteed. At the beginning of our co-operation, we will set a Visibility target for your brand. And we will guarantee that we will reach it, in the contract!

ROI. We continuously measure the ROI of your investment, and Unikorn makes sure that the ROI we provide you for your PR investment is great!

Continuity. PR and Media Visibility is not a quick fix, it is rather a strategic continuous activity and investment into your company growth, health and profitability.

Low entry-level. You do not need to invest heavily in PR, as in advertising or other marketing tools.

Innovative. To reach the top, you need to be innovative! And so is Unikorn, which is the only PR system in the market to generate and guarantee visibility that reaches the Top!

Proactivity. Clients are busy, so when emergency comes, we take the hurdle of getting information from the market and inside the Client company, and come up with a press release or a statement that you only need to approve!

Market share is the effect of Visibility, not the other way round!

What type of organization is it good for?

Honestly, any type of company, and even not-for-profits and Government agencies. Because PR is the foundation of communications, as it reaches several key stakeholders: clients, press, trade, financing institutions, etc.


Increase of the media coverage of the company and its brands, and thus it helps increase client base, trust, market share and profitability

For the CEO: PR increases his or her awareness and reputation. It creates the perception that the company is “hot”, active, and innovative

For the Marketing and Commercial Directors: Continuous presence and trust in the eyes of key stakeholders: clients, media, business partners, local community etc.

For Sales Directors: Sales leads generation

For the Financial Directors: Small costs and great ROI of over 300%. Thus, PR is the most efficient tool for targeting large audiences, in comparison with advertising (including online and social media), events, etc.

PR and publicity has 7 times more credibility than classic advertising, while increasing the efficiency and results of the advertising and promotion campaigns.