Case Study – CTP (B2B communication)

Interview in Ziarul Financiar, page 1 + 8, January 5, 2018

When we started the collaboration with CTP, the biggest industrial real-estate developer and owner in Romania and CEE, the first thing we did was to analyse the company’s visibility in the business press in last 12 months. What we have saw was a huge gap between its Market Share and its press Share of Voice¹: while its Market Share was 40%, its Share of Voice was only 11%, whereas CTP’s main competitor had 27% Market Share, and 41% Share of Voice.

Comparison between Share of Voice and Market Share, before Unikorn program implementation

Thus, United’s main objective was to bring CTP in top 3 of its industry Visibility in Year 1, and to establish it as the absolute Market Leader and Expert in front of the Romanian press in Year 3, while building a positive image of the company as a leading international company.

Key Results: after only 3 months of co-operation, CTP become Visibility Leader with a Share of Voice of more than 46%, by means of a complex PR system called Unikorn! The cumulate coverage after 3 months was 309 press appearances, both in print and online business press.

The pace was maintained, after 6 months of working together, as the Share of Voice kept constant at  45%, while the press coverage increase at 657!

Share of Voice, after Unikorn Program implementation

The articles mainly covered all the national business media, including industry media: Ziarul Financiar, Capital, Business Review, Revista BIZ,, The Diplomat, Business Review, Transilvania Business, Agenda Constructiilor, Arena Constructiilor, Tranzit, Cargo & Bus,, and others.

This results were achieved by a complex mix of media relations activities, such as: press releases, press conferences, interviews, media outreach, strategic consulting, interview training, events sponsoring and speaking a.o.

Moreover, the Press Conference and Open House visit organized at the end of September 2017, brought key journalists from the main business publications, and generated a coverage of 68 appearances.


¹ It measures the percentage of the total media coverage of the industry accounted for by a brand